MityLite’s New Flex-One Folding Stool Just In Time for Holiday Entertaining and Big Games

MityLite’s New Flex-One Folding Stool Just In Time for Holiday Entertaining and Big Games

Manufacturer’s reputation for building structurally sound furniture is showcased through the combination of lightweight durability and comfort.

OREM, Utah — MityLite today announced the immediate availability of the Flex-One Folding Stool, a counter-height stool designed to satisfy a multitude of portable seating needs, that also provides consumers a home furniture product ideal in small or confined spaces. The patterned and ventilated plastic seat of the Flex-One Folding Stool flexes for enhanced comfort. A seat-to-handle feature smoothly and effortlessly transitions the stool into a considerably slim storage profile. Continue reading “MityLite’s New Flex-One Folding Stool Just In Time for Holiday Entertaining and Big Games”

What features should you look for in a folding table?

It may seem easy to pick out a folding table, but you’d be surprised how many considerations there are. One folding table is not the same as any other. Durability should be among your primary concerns. For example, a particleboard folding table is probably only going to last you a single year. On the other hand, a good ABS table will cost four times as much but last 10 to 15 times longer. Which is the better investment?

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Folding Table FAQs

Folding Tables

How much should I be paying for folding tables? 

You might be tempted to choose the folding tables that cost the least, but consider folding tables as an investment. A table that costs less may end up costing you more in the long run if you have to continually replace it. There are other benefits to buying higher-end tables as well; for instance, an aluminum table is among the most expensive tables on the market, but these tables are outdoor friendly and also some of the most sanitary if your social function involves food. Continue reading “Folding Table FAQs”

Introducing our New Line of Dining Restaurant Tables & Chairs

Restaurant Tables & Chairs

MityLite has been a global manufacturer of professionally designed and highly durable furniture products for more than 25 years. While we have established ourselves as a top provider of quality furniture in the hospitality, public assembly, education, government and worship industries, this past fall we branched out to serve an even wider range of businesses and organizations. On October 23rd, we officially announced the launch of our restaurant product lines. This exciting launch comprised 10 new restaurant chairs and 3 new restaurant table options, designed and manufactured to meet the specific furniture needs of the food service industry. Continue reading “Introducing our New Line of Dining Restaurant Tables & Chairs”

What Should I Look for in Folding Chairs?

Folding Chairs

A folding chair isn’t just a chair. It’s a way to facilitate getting people together. It could be a finely fashioned piece of engineering, designed to provide a perch for your posterior. People use folding chairs in many aspects of life, storing them in a closet for when the relatives stop by for dinner or assembling them in droves for large events. So how do you tell the difference between the good chairs and the ones that just don’t sit right? Continue reading “What Should I Look for in Folding Chairs?”

Need an event dance floor? What to look for in portable dance floors…

Magnattach Dance Floor

Let’s get the party started. An important factor for any venue is the opportunity for increased revenue generation through safe and successful events. A portable dance floor is a key ingredient and one that maximizes facility offerings and income, while minimizing maintenance over a long period of time. To achieve the best return on your investment you need to evaluate portable dance floor alternatives in the following key areas: Continue reading “Need an event dance floor? What to look for in portable dance floors…”

Linen-less Meeting Room Tables: Save Money Through Versatility

Reveal Linenless Tables

MityLite answers: “How can I use my meeting rooms more efficiently without sacrificing style?”

The new Reveal Linen-less Table line from MityLite helps facility managers, food and beverage directors, as well as those in the architecture and design community uncover the possibilities of meeting room layout and design. Through a wide variety of sizes, surfaces, and frame finishes, Reveal Fixed-width and Reveal Duo tables add an upscale statement to any meeting space while reducing costs by eliminating the need for linens. Continue reading “Linen-less Meeting Room Tables: Save Money Through Versatility”

Which style of folding table is right for you?

MityLite Folding Table

How to Choose a Folding Table

“Quality” is often cited by customers as the most important factor when choosing their table supplier and typically encompasses durability, lightweight, ease of handling, and ease of maintenance. Of late, many customers stress that purchasing tables are capital decisions so the motivation is ROI. “We want to buy products that will last a long time and whose manufacturers are accountable and will be there if there is a problem or a need to replicate or replace,” states a hospitality purchaser of MityLite tables and chairs. Continue reading “Which style of folding table is right for you?”

Seating for Large Groups

Banquet Tables

Comfort is key for every successful large group event.

Despite all of the efforts that go into making a special event successful, wise event planners know that when their guests are seated for extended periods of time, nothing affects their level of comfort more than the venue’s seating. Continue reading “Seating for Large Groups”