Food Display and Presentation Trends for 2018

With dining experiences becoming an ever-increasing part of tourist and business travelers’ experiences, food and beverage has grown into a major point of differentiation for hotels, resorts and conventions centers looking to stand out.

Finding the best people for your kitchen and waitstaff goes a long way to giving the best guest experience possible, but a great experience is also tied to presentation. These foodservice presentation trends for 2018 will help you stand out.

1. Natural materials

Stone, wood and metal looks are in. Providing a natural backdrop to your food displays not only lets you avoid the hassle of dealing with linens, but is a cleaner more contemporary look for sophisticated guests.

Natural materials can be carried throughout your property. From a beautiful wood-look buffet table with hammered aluminum serving dishes, to a drinks and snack station set up with wood trays, this trend can elevate the look of a room. Combining different natural materials means you don’t have to match every piece of furniture, and you can still achieve a cohesive look that allows the food to shine.

2. Interactive stations

Food display doesn’t have to be a static presentation. Make display and serving an experience for guests by incorporating interactivity. This could be something as simple as offering a choice of options to accompany a specific dish, or having a carving station where staff educate guests about the flavors they’re about to enjoy.

Whatever you choose, creating an experience will be more memorable for guests and you’ll be at the top of their list for a return visit.

3. Instagram moments

Love it or hate it, sharing food on social media has become a part of the dining experience for many people. You can generate more exposure to potential guests by making your food and food displays part of the experience. Materials should be more than functional; they also need to be a great backdrop for the photos your guests will share.

Elevate your properties by bringing in more contemporary foodservice display and presentation to complement your 5-star food.