ABS Plastic Tables vs Linenless Tables: Choosing the right fit for you

When it comes to the battle of the folding tables, there’s no one right answer for everyone. ABS plastic folding tables and laminate or aluminum folding tables each have their own advantages depending on a number of factors. Price, intended use, décor, convenience and more are all part of the decision-making process you face when choosing the right table.

So what’s the right choice for you and your organization? Let’s look at some of the major factors.

1. Intended Use

One of the first things to think about is where and how you’ll be using your tables? Do you hold a lot of events and need tables that will stand up to heavy use and getting slammed around by events staff? Are you furnishing meeting areas or conference rooms where you want tables that are mobile, but still look more professional? Do you plan to hold events outside?

Each table holds its own advantages depending on how you plan to use it. ABS folding tables are the most durable of the options, and are a good fit for conference and events centers. For companies with heavy table use, the toughness of ABS will usually outweigh other costs, including the expense of linens if needed.

If you’d rather have a set up that’s portable without looking temporary, laminate folding tables are a great option. They won’t look out of place in a well furnished space, but still let you rearrange or store the tables with ease. Or aluminum tables can be a good choice if you do many outdoor events where they need to withstand all kinds of weather.

2. Price

Price is naturally one of the biggest factors in determining what tables to buy for your company or venue. But it’s worth considering some of the hidden costs in each kind of table so you know what you’re getting into.

ABS plastic folding tables will be the longest lasting table out there and are priced lower than linenless options, giving you a great long-term ROI. However, if you use ABS tables with linens, the cost of laundry and pay for longer set up times will increase the cost of ABS.

Laminate and aluminum tables will typically cost more than plastic folding tables, but are almost always used without linens, which saves on per-use costs. However, you have to be more careful handling aluminum tables as they tend to get and show scratches more easily than ABS, adding to repair or replacement costs.

3. Storage

Finding places to put your folding tables can be a problem no matter the size of your company. If you’re a large events venue using hundreds of tables, you may want ABS or aluminum to get the thinnest stacking tables to minimize storage needed. If you are only using a handful of folding tables per room, or want portability over total storage, laminate is a great option, because it will still look professional, even when left out when not in use.

So which folding tables are right for you? Each organization is different, and you may actually want a combination of linenless and ABS plastic for different spaces or uses within your company. However, thinking about all of the different factors that go into table choice will help you come to the right decision for your space.

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